Key to my Heart

Key to my Heart





Love is in the air with Valentine's Day around the corner. It is also symbolized by padlocks placed on the Rialto Bridge in Italy, Brooklyn Bridge in New York and the Hohenzollern Bridge in Germany, among other cities around the world.

Motivated by Federico Moccia’s novel, “I Want You,” couples the world over are professing their everlasting love to each other by adhering a padlock to a bridge. The trend has become popular—so much so that some cities, including Paris, have removed locks because they are damaging the structure beneath. So if you see a bridge covered in locks, you will know it’s just a couple in love!

With this story in mind, we’ve added “Key to my Heart” jewelry to our “Valentine’s Day” collection. Our “Deco” lock and key bracelet and necklace are other ways to profess your eternal love. 
Our “Filigree Heart Lock Charm Bangle” keeps with the same lock and key theme, but in a different style. Another option is our two-toned “Heart Love Lock and Key Engraved Charm Bangle.” This bracelet includes the words “forever, always, love,” along with a heart-shaped lock and key. 




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