Bright, Bold & Beautiful

Bright, Bold & Beautiful

We are women: and we've just begun to Roar!
Aside from that making us want to crank up Katy Perry all day, we thought we'd share with you, a few self made women who inspire us and keep us striving to be the best version of ourselves.  As a woman owned business, Rosemarie Collections would like to take the time to acknowledge the trailblazers along with the trendsetters. Without further adieu...

J.K Rowling
If you haven't picked up on the subtle hints, the owners of our beloved jewelry company love Europe and the U.K.  Why wouldn't we love one of the most powerful people (read: woman) that is non royalty?!  We do. We can't get enough of J.K. Her story is a fond fairytale of being a struggling single mom on government assistance who was tired yet inspired on public transit one day when she dreamt up everyone's favorite boy wizard and the world he captured our hearts in.  She is now one of the world's most generous philanthropists and her wealth keeps accruing as does her influence on us!
J.K Rowling

Arianna Huffington

Name sound familiar? That's because she's the founder of The Huffington Post! She's now one of the biggest names in online media and has quite the name in political influencing now.  
Born in Athens, Her politics have a background on both sides of the party system; she first started as a political commentator and was a known conservative.  It's been quite a shift over time, and her career to find her as one of the most influential and outspoken liberals today. It's safe to say that whatever side you stand on for most platform issues, Arianna has influenced part of it in the last 30 years. 
Arianna, amidst her fortune, political influencing and early journalism has also written several books; one self help book incites people to find their higher purpose and achieve goals that generally are just considered lofty dreams.
    Arianna Huffington

Oprah Winfrey

How could we NOT talk about Oprah on this short list and how inspiring she is?  We could probably have a blog DEDICATED to her hardships, overcoming them and all of the wonderful deeds, stories, movements, and accolades she's authored and achieved.

What we will say is this: As one of the only African-American billionaire in the United States her influence, inspiration and impact reach far and wide over the last 42 years. 
Sure, everyone (mostly her fan base) is buzzing about her trying to jump into politics... but we are just excited to see what she does next on the track she is on. Whatever it is, it's going to be big in only the way Oprah knows how to move the world around her.
         Oprah Winfrey at the 2018 Golden Globes

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