The 90s trend that is here to stay

The 90s trend that is here to stay
OH SNAP! We aren't going to tell you how old we are, but we sometimes have to remind ourselves that the 90s were more than 10 years ago.  Oopty!

Some of us here at Rosemarie Collections may or MAY NOT have never gotten rid of their ribbon chokers... *cough cough*

We can all thank Kendall Jenner and Rihanna for making sure our favorite 90s neckwear is here and probably won't go anywhere for awhile. (Not that we ever really got rid of ours in the first place.)
Kendall Jenner ChokerRihanna Choker
Pump the brakes on busting out your old beeper and maybe cool it on the jelly shoes; but head on over to our website and get a choker to make your look 'fly'

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