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  • Reusable Fashion Fabric Face Masks Set of 2 (Camouflage)

Reusable Fashion Fabric Face Masks Set of 2 (Camouflage)

$ 14.00



  • The new face of fashion has arrived! Choose from several pattern options to match your wardrobe and mood for the day! 
  • Adult Masks approximate measurements are 4.75 inches high by 13 inches wide, ear holes are 2.25 inches. Adults One Size Fits Most! Kids Masks measure approximately 4 inches high by 11 inches wide, ear holes 2 inches. 
  • Comfortable and breathable personal face mask sets have an excellent quick absorption and evaporation rate to help keep you cool when out in public . 
  • 100% Polyester. The three dimensional design allows for a great fit each time. Masks are washable, quick drying and reusable, allowing for multiple uses! 
  • Use for back to school, shopping for improved social distancing.

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