Brooches: Fashionable and Practical

Brooches: Fashionable and Practical

In case you missed Prada’s Fall/Winter 2015 fashion show, you would have seen models wearing pins and brooches. “It was the accessories that tied the whole thing together," Andrea Cheng describes it in an article for InStyle.

Brooches evolved from ornamental pins, dating back to the Early Bronze Age. Even then, they had dual roles: decorative and practical, often used to clasp for a wrap or shawl. Now brooches are making a comeback: they are fashionable and functional once again.

 Keeping up with the trends, Rosemarie Collections offers a range of brooches to fit different occasions.


Our holiday brooches add some holiday spirit to your outfit. Pick from reindeer, Christmas trees or Santa brooches.

Our “Gemstone” brooches are simple in design, but bold in appearance. The silver and black brooch is a staple item that is easy to pair with just about anything.  

Turquoise is popular, and our turquoise brooch is a classy alternative. Pair this brooch with a necklace or bracelet from our “Turquoise Jewelry” collection to really make a statement! 


Or maybe you are looking to add a little sparkle to the coat or handbag you will be using all winter long.  We have several options, including this "Pave Crystal Vintage-Style Brooch."

Today's runway models have shown creative ways to wear brooches: being placed on dresses, purses, shoes or even in one’s hair. There's no wrong way to wear a brooch!

Click here to see our "Brooch" collection.

This post was written by Amy Haddad.


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