The "IT" women of Fashion are getting sneaky in 2018

The "IT" women of Fashion are getting sneaky in 2018
When thinking about this New Year's most fashion forward ladies, we all probably have the same InstaCelebrities come to mind, if not the ones you think of and the one's I'm thinking of are most likely having lunch together.

We can't help but be on board with a lot of these fashion influencers opting in for practical (yet stylish) comfort even at some red carpet events. 

That's right, the sneaker is here and we're totally not mad about it.  Thank goodness this trend is confirmed and taking off just as we are about to be dead center in the Winter season, too.  Don't get us wrong, we love our pumps, but no one has time for that business in ice, snow, rain and temps below 60 degrees.

Here we have Chiara, (If you don't follow The Blonde Salad ..please go do that right now!) GiGi Hadid and Karlie Kloss all doing their sneakers thing while being lady bosses.


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