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This Jewelry is not Trendy: it's Timeless. And makes us forget it's Cold.

Posted on 20 December 2017

We may never be over turquoise.
Celebs wear it with basic t-shirts, on the red carpet and out on the town.  
We see it in the spring, winter, fall and summer.  We look for jewelry vendors at music festivals, we always see really unique pieces at antique stores and it never fails that when you wear a great piece.. someone inevitably comments on it!

While the rest of the world keeps layering up and hunkering down for winter, sometimes we want to pretend we are in a warmer climate and rock the turquoise/silver/Aztec wares.
                 Heide Klum wears statement turquiose              
Heidi Klum and Beyonce pull off Southwest statement pieces at various events, various times of the year.

Check out the Southwest Collection on here!

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