Appreciating Teachers on National Teacher Appreciation Day

Appreciating Teachers on National Teacher Appreciation Day

You’ve probably been influenced by a teacher at some point in your life. Perhaps you were challenged to study a new subject that led to a future career. Or maybe a teacher encouraged you to take a study trip that opened your world to new experiences and opportunities. 

You can thank the special teachers in your life on National Teacher Appreciation Day, which is an “unofficial” national holiday that celebrates teachers. National Teacher Appreciation Day occurs annually on the first Tuesday in May; this year it is on May 3. This day of honor is part of a week-long celebration during the first week of May.

Talks about a day to celebrate teachers began in the 1940s. But Congress did not affirm a National Teachers Day until March 7, 1980. The date of celebration later changed to the first Tuesday in May in 1985, as it stands today.

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"What a sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the human soul."

-Joseph Addison





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